Why Having The Congress In Berlin

Urban ecology has matured over the past decades and has become an organized and modern discipline. Enough research and application in urban ecology is occurring to justify an international congress that is independent of other conferences. In the past 10 years, smaller symposia and conferences have been held at the World Congress of Landscape Ecology in 2007 and 2011, etc as well as at conferences of the National IALE Chapters.

Why having the Congress in Berlin? Berlin is the city where urban ecology emerged especially under the inspiration and direction of Prof. Dr. Herbert Sukopp. To understand how urban ecology will advance, the Congress will be held in the place where urban ecology emerged as a discipline. Moreover, today – more than 20 years after the political transition in Germany, Berlin offers a lot to be seen and to be studied, from project to city level. This is an invitation to study processes and patterns of both urban development and urban ecology at “living places” during field trips. The local host, the Institute of Geography of the Humboldt University of Berlin (in personae Wilfried Endlicher), was the coordinator of a nearly 10-year graduate school about “Urban Ecology”.

The Congress will be hosted by the Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany, at the following venue:

– Erwin Schrödinger Congress Centre, Berlin

NOTE: Now the conference will only be held at only one venue for the ease of participants. This Congress Center is just next to the Geography department of the Humboldt University of Berlin. 


All the delegates are responsible to make their own arrangement of accommodation during the conference. List of the hotels below are just some suggestions due to their proximity with the conference venue. The delegates are free to make their choice.

Airport Hotel Adlershof

We have received special rates from the Airport Hotel Berlin for the delegates of the SURE Congress. This Hotel is situation exactly in the next building to the Geography Department. Therefore, it will among the most easiest and favourite of the accommodation for the participants.

  • Single Room: €61/room/night excluding breakfast
  • Double Room: €72/room/night excluding breakfast
  • Breakfast: €12/person/day

Booking: By email to reservierung@airporthotel-berlin-adlershof.de and mention the keyword “SURE 2013″ to get the discount/special rates.

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Features and types of appointment reminder system

People nowadays are going through a busy life; sparing some time to look on important dates is very difficult to most people.  However, dates concerning health are very important and people should remember the doctor’s appointment correctly. If people have a reminder system, it will be a great help in such a hectic and timeless life. Appointment reminders are a type of system used by a physician’s office for reminding the patient about the upcoming dates. It is like a reminder note that you can keep in a book or phone.

You can choose a good appointment reminder system according to your usage;i.e., whether it is for our need or for other. There are some things to be considered while choosing appointment reminders. There are different types according to the method of reminding such as sending SMS, automated calls or via emails. If the purpose is simple, select the type which sends a simple calendar that indicates the upcoming consultation date. However, for commercial need one should choose the system that has multiple features like emails, SMS and calling facilities. Some reminders are particular for personal purpose which will aid to remind important dates including birthdays.

There are types of reminder systems which can do saving of important documents also. In above mentioned commercial type, one can add the list of new and existing patients and their details. Thus it will automatically send the message to all before the respective date. For getting the reminder system software, there are many services. Adtelusaprovides an online service which helps in the enhancing your business by providing their powerful two-way appointment reminder known as DoctorConnect. With its paramount features like auto after care surveys, interactive texts and email facility, a doctor’s office can save more time and as a result more satisfied patients.

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The quality of Used Ophthalmic Equipment provided by Global DSR Company

In olden days, the treatment of patients was very hard as there were less number of equipments available in recognizing the issue that the patient has. As the time went by, so many advanced technologies have been introduced in the medical field and it has helped the doctors to find the issues inside the human body pretty easily. There are hundreds of equipments available in the medical field which is used to scan different parts of the human body.

The medical equipmentmay be very costly and the hospitals have to bear that amount to buy them. Therefore, it should be made sure that the equipments bought are really top quality ones. There are so many hospitals available around us that cannot afford the new medical equipments as they may not have that much money with them. These hospitals can buy the used medical equipments as there are several agencies established in the field of collecting the used equipments from various medical centers and providing them to needy customers.

The Global DSR Company is one of the famous agencies and their main product is the Used Ophthalmic Equipment. The hospitals that want to buy the Used Ophthalmic Equipment can visit the globaldsr website to order them online.

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Get the best room additions in San Diego from remodelworks

Room addition and home remodeling services need to be provided with extra care and proper supervision. Usually people go for the room additions to install new features or some comfort that the house is lacking. You need to first make sure that a proper design is made to start the construction.

There are many room additions San Diego services present that is offering the trusted services to customers. You should go for a firm that offers the assistance from the design phase in the start to the various phases of construction. Most of the room addition services include bathroom and bedroom remodeling. If you are a resident in the San Diego area, you can find the services of experts from the Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen very useful. The firm has been offering trusted services for many years now and has been striving to get 100% customer satisfaction with their services.

The experts from Remodel Works are well trained in various services required by customers. You can visit the firm or go to the remodelworks website to have a live conversation with the experts in the firm regarding room additions San Diego services you desire. They can provide you a better help regarding what all services desired by you.


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Get the best plumbing service in San Diego

Constructions will become complete only after proper plumbing works. Plumbing is an essential and substantial part of every building. Extra care should be given while selecting persons for plumbing works. Lots of firms are now available providing plumbing services and you should depend on a reliable firm for proper furnishing of plumbing works.

One of the reputed firms in San Diego providing the best plumbing service is the Plumbing Plus. This firm avails all types of services and gives solution for all your plumbing problems. The main feature of the plumber San Diego services from Plumbing Plus is the highly trained technicians and professionally qualified project managers which are always available 24/7 with their service. It is a family owned company they have maintained to build long lasting relationships with their customers through outstanding experience and trusts. Any type of problems relating to plumbing works can be solved by just making a call and the skilled technicians will reach your home within no time. They will diagnose the problems thoroughly and will make it perfect. Another attractive feature of the plumber San Diego services from them is that a wide variety of plumbing products are offered by them and these products are crafted with extreme care so that it will give perfect results.

People who need plumbing service can register in the plumbingplus website. Personnel in the company will immediately respond to your query and you will get personnel call from the company.

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Vote For Change and Choose San Diego Home Remodeling Solutions

Do you believe in living life king size? If yes, it’s possible. Have a look at your house? Don’t you find much unused space and neglected areas that can be improved? Surely, you would. That’s where remodeling works. San Diego Home Remodeling can make the dream come true by making house look larger and stylish. Designers have the ability and skills to create greater space in your house to make your life comfortable. You get ultimate pleasure and comfort with innovative remodeling solutions available to you at affordable prices.

Which area you need to remodel?

It is not necessary that you go for complete home remodeling. There are specific areas in your home that need San Diego Home Remodeling. You can remodel your rooms, kitchen, bathroom and garage. The space in your kitchen remains the space; it is the arrangement of kitchen layout makes it larger. Space enhancing drawers and shelves, long windows and glass doors add value to your home.

How to make use of unused space?

San Diego Remodeling solutions can remodel the unused and neglected area of your home. Garage and Basement are one of the areas in your home that call for effective remodeling. We generally use basement as an area to keep your old stuff that you don’t use. But, why not make it a lively area which can be turned into a play room, studio, recreation room or workout area. Similarly, Garage is a place that can be utilized more effectively. Think out of the box to create more space in your home to enjoy living with ultimate comfort.

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How to Plan Well for Property for Sale in Leganon

Few people think deep when they come to buy some property though it is very essential that every person maintains a far vision and looks deep in every option before making his choice final. A house means amenities, comfort, security, peace, durability and affordability. In Lebanon, finding a house with these features was not possible before a few years but since reliable construction companies have put their efforts with modern architect measures, the quality level of houses and apartments has become much better. Bechara Aoun comes on the top of the list of such companies. Now, when you look for lebanon apartments for sale in any part of the country, you can find fine apartments with modern designs. Living in a place that is built to suit the modern life style is comfortable and peaceful. You enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet, clear TV broadcasts, spacious living room, well-equipped kitchen, and many more facilities that are an essential part of a family life.

Whether you want to buy house in Lebanon or buy appartment in Lebanon, choose only those options that are well-equipped with modern facilities. Bechara Aoun has maintained the facilities of their built houses inclusive and fitting the needs of today and tomorrow. Deciding so as which option to choose depends on your own personal choice and circumstances. Often the property for sale in lebanon is expensive but Bechara Auon has a more comprehensive planning for the citizens of Lebanon. The floor size of apartments is offered in three basic sizes; one with one bedroom, second with 2 bedrooms and third with 4 bedrooms. This helps in fixing the price reasonable and affordable.

When you buy apartment in Beirut according to your family requirements, consider the floor plan and choose one that is fit for you. This can save you from a choosing bigger apartment and paying much more than your planned budget. For knowing the right choice for you, visit the portal of the company http://www.becharaaoun.com/. All the details are available there including amenities, size, floor plan, location, material specifications and even the coming projects by the company are listed there. Company’s contact details are also available for you so that you can contact them for your further satisfaction. Once you get all the reliable information, it becomes easier to settle on one choice that seems the best for those who are serious to buy House in Beirut. So, take your time and visit the portal in order to be able to make decision that you never regret about.

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High quality interpreters from mandarinchineseinterpreters

Interpreting is not an easy task that anyone can do effectively.  It required great skills in the particular area and also in handling all the languages that are involved much effectively.  Interpreting services would be really useful in such cases where we visit certain places where language seems to be the main barrier.  There are a number of interpreters to help you in situations like that.  However, if you are seriously looking to avail high quality services in this regard, the best way out for you would be to find some experienced services.  For having Beijing interpreters, or mainly Chinese based interpreters, there is already some best options for you.  You can visit the website, mandarinchineseinterpreters for the most amazing services.

Once you have a look at mandarinchineseinterpreters, you will have lots to explore.  It is definitely obvious that there is a team of professionals to provide you all that you want and also they would guide you much efficiently.  They are, in fact, a global team and highly experienced as well.  Just watch the small introduction video regarding the interpretation services in the Beijing area.  It would help you much better in having all that you need at the right time.

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Stay healthy with adequate dietary supplements via earthscreationusa

Nowadays, due to our busy life no one is having time to care about our proper diets. For the reason that many of us are depending health supplements for maintaining our health. The dietary supplements are intended to provide the sufficient diet. The ingredients in these products may include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and substances such as enzymes, organ tissues, Glandulars, metabolites also with skin care creams, hair care and all. Healthy supplements can also be extracts or concentrates, and may be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, liquids, or powders in adequate amounts.

Supplement manufactures companies are rising day by day due to the vast intake of fast foods and less nutritious food. When people aren’t receiving the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients from their food, they often times look to a daily vitamin. Supplements are also taken for weight-loss, beauty and a lot more other purposes, dietary supplements have become a high demand commodity in the medicine field. Dietary supplement manufacturer companies consist of highly skilled laboratory scientists and formulators to make available the customers with vast research and development, quality control testing, and product analysis to ensure that you receive quality products to everyone. One thing to consider about is to consult a doctor before giving a try to take medications for the main reason is that wrong intake of dietary supplements may lead to side effects.

If you are searching for a good quality supplement manufacturer product do log on to the earthscreationusa website to know more about their products how they will help you to get away from health related issues. They assure every customer with complete satisfaction with their highly efficient products. The company has been trusted over 25 years by good reviews by the customers with entirely risk free products. Order your products and lead a healthy and happy life.

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Know what many people think of ejuice

Most smokers have been trying the new kind of cigarette which is nowadays available everywhere and it is known as electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarettes starter kits called electronic cigarettes, are selling like hotcakes in many states.

The smoking device is used by several individuals due to the fact that it helps them get rid of their addiction to a regular cigarette. The main component in it is the ejuice, which is the special fluid found inside the electronic cigarettes, and is loved by most of the users of this ecig.

The ejuice is indeed a fascinating component of the ecig, which adds provides the smokers with an additional delight. There are a number of reasons as to why many smokers like e juice in the ecigs. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  1. Many of these are available in flavours which are delicious and appealing

The e-juice contains flavour, which gives the smokers a real feel of smoking a regular cigarette. These are available in a number of flavours too. When they taste the e-juice, they could nearly taste the identical item where the e-juice is patterned to. For example, a chocolate-flavoured e cig juice tastes just like chocolate. These flavours possess strong flavours which fascinates almost all its users.

  1. The easy availability of E juice

Anyone can avail of a refill at any given smoke shop. The truth is, they could buy a refill for the electronic cigarettes starter kits at most cigarette kiosks in the neighbourhood. There are also a number of online stores where these can be found. So, they don’t need to stress out on where to find the refill for their ecig.

  1. The electronic juice can be found at an affordable price.

For individuals who possess a strict budget, they are indeed able to purchase a refill for the cartridge without blowing their cigarette allowance up. Actually, anyone can buy a refill for just a few cents. Also, that purchase is indeed going to survive them a couple of days, as one refill is equal to one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Based on the frequency of cigarette use, the refill can be made by everyone last for several days as much as a week.

Now that you are aware of various reasons as to why people choose these e juices instead of a regular tobacco cigarette, it is Vibrators For Women time you make your choice and start using one.

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How we can get best Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process which helps you to improve the visibility of your website or page. If you want to bring your website at the top of the search engine result then you need to optimize your page. SEO plays an important role in the online marketing technique. It allows more people to view your products and your product will get maximum publicity.

Improving the position of your websites in search engine results has lot of advantages. You can improve your business by attracting more customers. Nowadays people are using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Yandex, Rediff etc. for getting information about the products they plan to buy. So if your website is coming first in the result, then it can increase your market and business.

Today SEO has become a successful tool in improving the online marketing. With proper SEO you can get more profit and business very effectively without much expense. SEO Houston is one of the leading SEO service providers in Houston. They help you to improve the rank of your website in search engine results. Search engines always make changes on their searching algorithms; therefore, it is essential to have the assistance of a professional to know all such things. SEO Houston has active teams to track all these changes and it makes you aware about such changes. This will help you to improve your status in results.

No matter how beautiful and creative you design your website, the way you get exposure is important. Constantly updating website would climb the top of the searching results. Almost all business needs the assistance of SEO companies. It is a form of advertisement and now online marketing is getting more popularity. So coming to the top list of search engines becomes an important factor of business. SEO Houston service will boost the market value of your product in a big way.

SEO services provide great exposure to new products. If you introduce a new product to market, then it need to reach the customers.SEO services will help you to gain publicity and thereby increasing the market and business. This will improve the demand of your product and thus increasing the profit. SEO Houston helps small sized business to compete with big guns therein.

SEO service plays an important role in earning more web traffic and customers. Search engine marketing strategies like running paid ads will help you to boost the visibility quickly. Through optimization you can stand out as successful business entity in the market.

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