Why Having The Congress In Berlin

Urban ecology has matured over the past decades and has become an organized and modern discipline. Enough research and application in urban ecology is occurring to justify an international congress that is independent of other conferences. In the past 10 years, smaller symposia and conferences have been held at the World Congress of Landscape Ecology in 2007 and 2011, etc as well as at conferences of the National IALE Chapters.

Why having the Congress in Berlin? Berlin is the city where urban ecology emerged especially under the inspiration and direction of Prof. Dr. Herbert Sukopp. To understand how urban ecology will advance, the Congress will be held in the place where urban ecology emerged as a discipline. Moreover, today – more than 20 years after the political transition in Germany, Berlin offers a lot to be seen and to be studied, from project to city level. This is an invitation to study processes and patterns of both urban development and urban ecology at “living places” during field trips. The local host, the Institute of Geography of the Humboldt University of Berlin (in personae Wilfried Endlicher), was the coordinator of a nearly 10-year graduate school about “Urban Ecology”.

The Congress will be hosted by the Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany, at the following venue:

– Erwin Schrödinger Congress Centre, Berlin

NOTE: Now the conference will only be held at only one venue for the ease of participants. This Congress Center is just next to the Geography department of the Humboldt University of Berlin. 


All the delegates are responsible to make their own arrangement of accommodation during the conference. List of the hotels below are just some suggestions due to their proximity with the conference venue. The delegates are free to make their choice.

Airport Hotel Adlershof

We have received special rates from the Airport Hotel Berlin for the delegates of the SURE Congress. This Hotel is situation exactly in the next building to the Geography Department. Therefore, it will among the most easiest and favourite of the accommodation for the participants.

  • Single Room: €61/room/night excluding breakfast
  • Double Room: €72/room/night excluding breakfast
  • Breakfast: €12/person/day

Booking: By email to reservierung@airporthotel-berlin-adlershof.de and mention the keyword “SURE 2013″ to get the discount/special rates.

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Working of real HCG drops

Many people, who have been working out to lose weight or have been trying several methods to lose weight, have heard about real HCG drops already. These drops are said to work for those for whom no other forms of dosages work. However, one thing that people do not know is that these drops can be really a cheaper alternative to slimming. Plus, with it, your fat burns naturally, since it converts the stored fast to be used as energy.

Some people know them to be injected; however, you can use them orally as well, if injecting becomes too complex task for you.  In fact, consuming them orally is considered to be much less “crippling” than injecting them, and thanks to the recent up gradations of health science, this is now possible.

If you are still unsure about real HCG drops, probably you should consider what these are in the first place. The HCG is a hormone which is produced in the body of the mother when she is pregnant and during the first week of pregnancy this hormone takes up a major role in determining that the fetus develops naturally with proper nutrition and diet.

HCG when ingested takes up almost the same role as any other orally ingested hormone. However, HCG being an element which is produced by the hormones naturally, it will be effective much. Many tend to think that since it is produced in the woman’s body during pregnancy, it will not be effective for men. This is not true at all. HCG drops work well with both men and women.

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Automatic Cold Saws to Cut Tubes and Ferrous Materials

Cold saws are used to cut all kinds of metals. If you want to avoid heat and sparks you must used these brand new variety of saws for any of your fabrication works. Whether you are making a grill, a gate, a window pane, or doing any kind of metal works, these automatic machines that have saws also have the feature of absorbing heat as and when the saw is being used. These machines have a coolant that will not let the saw to get heated no matter how long you use it at a stretch.

It is Ideal for all industries dealing with manufacturing iron and steel. If you want to cut through iron pipes, etc, then you will need this saw that is automatic and works faster. You don’t have to use a lot of physical energy when you use an automatic saw unlike the manual saw. This newer version of saw cuts through any ferrous material with ease and perfection. You don’t have to go at it strenuously like you would do when using a manual saw.

Make gates, beds, or any cut any kind of metal frames using this saw. If you are looking at embedding and embossing thin layers of metal foils, then this saw is now for you. This automatic saw cuts through thicker material and material of any size and length in one go! Most of these modern cold saws   Capture also have a very good casting finish. You can hold the entire frame and use it with ease. You can use it for years without worrying about rust or breakdown. Make any kind of laboratory machines, grinders, hydraulic machines, etc, using this saw. It is also used to press through the ferrous material and also used in bending them.

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Factors to consider for cheap sever hosts

If you have been looking for certain cheap servers or hosting services, then you need to consider the following factors to gain a beneficial hosting services company.

Start off with the most basic package and make progress slowly towards a premium package. This will help you in sticking to your budget and at the same time make progress to the higher packages as and when your website grows.

Another important decision is the bandwidth. This is important because the speed of your website will be affected with smaller bandwidth and it will take long to access the information. If you opt for a cheap hosting plan then you need to have a good bandwidth or else the website will become useless for the customers as they will not be able to access the desired information or posts.

Make proper research to ensure that the servers are reliable. It is absolutely worse that the customers are trying to access the information and finding out the server is down. It must be made sure that the cheap hosting services companies provide packages that keep the server working so that you and the customers have the access at all times.

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Best and cheap Cannabidiol products

There are a lot of plants having medicinal effects on humans. A lot of diseases and disorders can be treated and prevented using these plants. One of such plants having huge applications in the medical field is the cannabis. Almost 60 extracts of the cannabis plant species can be used for making medicines and cosmetic products. However, the major extract from the cannabis plant species is the cannabidiol or the CBD. Due to the medicinal value of the CBD, a lot of companies have started to produce the CBD oils and other CBD products in huge quantities. However, only licensed companies allowed by the government are able to produce CBD products because the misuse of the cannabis plant has been reported.

One of the most popular and widely known cannabidiol oil producers and suppliers is the Cbd Oils UK Company. They provide only high quality CBD products. The better quality and low cost for all the CBD products made the Cbd Oils UK Company unique and special from others. The CBD extracts can also be used in the manufacture of many cosmetic and beauty products. It can also be used by the psychiatrists due to its anti-psychotic effects in the human body. Many diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease can be treated using the CBD.

More details and information about the CBD and its functions will be easily available from the cbdoilsuk website. You can use the chat facility provided on the website to get instant help and advice from their customer care representative at any time.

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imagesAmilot.com  (Hayes Family Trucking) – Very good job, fast shipping to France (Priority mail, door to door: 7 days), Thank you very much

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Great Customer Services Builds the Status of Hayes Family Trucking

When you deal with a company that provide you services with a sincere aim of winning the heart rather than cash, you get the best return of your penny. Customer services only marks a company stands out among the others in the same niche. Realizing this fact, the new companies pay key attention to their customer service when they commence offering service to the public. Hayes Family Trucking is no exception. Their entire business is public dealing. They rent out their equipments to the contractors, companies and individuals for their private projects. These heavy equipments and vehicles are needs for construction work. Whether it s a road that needs to be paved in a rough terrain or it s a building that needs preparation of ground for building the loaders, trucks and backhoes are essential to make the work possible.


hayes family trucking amilot

Importance of Good Customer Service

When you contact a Hayes Family Trucking company to hire from them some equipment or vehicles or anything else, as a client you expect them to be humble and not stiff in their response. Asking a question and requiring further details becomes impossible with a company representative who does not seem to be interested in your inquiries. You get discouraged and worse than that you do not feel that all what you need is available with the company you contacted. Final outcome of this unfriendly customer service is that a potential client leaves them and hires the services of another firm. There are three key features of good trustworthy company:

  • It shows reliability.
  • It makes a company highly competitive.
  • It offers worry-free service.

If you can find these three features in a company’s dealing and the way they serve their customers, make sure that you are going to have a trouble-free m business relation with them. The importance of good customer service becomes more obvious when companies beat one another in an industry. If you look from the point of equipments and technology you may find that all of them are offering high-end tools and vehicles. Entire fleet of trucks at the companies in your town is in excellent working condition; new models with advanced abilities. The only thing that persuades you to hire your needed equipments form a certain company and ignoring the others is the fact that they deal with their customers with high-end values and sincerity. A company with such customer service often beats all of its competitors.

How to find a Good Trucking Company

Ask your friends and family to help you in choosing the best service in town through their own past experience. They sure have gone through business dealings with a company and have experienced their customer services. Do not miss to check Amilot.com. This business is taking big strides towards a great future. By keeping their customer service friendly and reliable, they are struggling to bring their company among the top best firms in the industry. Read all the details on the website and the most important is the details of the service. You get all your need to know from there. Whether you call them or end them an email a prompt reply will let you know all what is bothering you.

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Maintenance of Your Picture Frame’s Photo

For photographs within frames, it is necessary to make duplicates of any and all photos that you consider valuable. If a photo is valuable enough to be framed then it is valuable enough to be duplicated.

In this age of digital cameras, it is fairly simple, quick and easy to do this. You can create additional files of the photos. However, it ought not to be in the same location (i.e., the computer) because if the computer crashes, or it is stolen or if there is a fire then you have lost it as if there were just one copy. It is better to put it in a separate memory disc, and to place that in a locker at the bank. Other options are to upload them to a social media site such as Google+, Facebook or Instagram, to other websites, or to various software (which can be replicated using any computer).

If you have a film photo, and do not have a negative, or have it on Kodachrome (which is no longer being serviced) then it can be more difficult. For this, you will need to see a professional film developer.

In all cases, keep all original and duplicated photos separated and secured. For more tips on maintenance, speak to the friendly experts at Merlin Frame Maker in Singapore.

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Best bacteriostatic water

About 60% of the human body is made up of water. Therefore, the presence of water in the human body is inevitable. Balancing the water content in the cells and tissues is important to sustain life. The electrolytes and the ions present in the body helps to maintain and control the water content present in the human body. Most of the pharmaceuticals and hospitals use the bacteriostatic water as a diluting medium for the dilution of drugs and medicines for parenteral injection. This is due to the fact that they are the purest form of the water.

There are a lot of companies and organizations provide the bacteriostatic water. It has a positive effect on the water content present in the tissues. One of the most popular and widely known online stores that supply the best quality bacteriostatic water is the Buyghrppeptides store. Anyonecan buy these products at discounted rates only from this store. This is one of the major reasons that made the Buyghrppeptides online store unique and special from others. As customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the Buyghrppeptides store, they provide only high quality products having minimum 99% purity at discounted prices.You can use the high purity water for drinking purposes also due to the presence of ions and electrolytes.

Low cost and better service made the munique from others.You can register your name along with the address on the buy ghrppeptides website to avail your product.Anyone can login to their website to avail more information and services about bacteriostatic water. A chat service is also available in the website.A toll free phone service is also available for instant help and registering the products.A 7day return policy is also available if you get adefected product.Cash on delivery is available in major cities.

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Features and types of appointment reminder system

People nowadays are going through a busy life; sparing some time to look on important dates is very difficult to most people.  However, dates concerning health are very important and people should remember the doctor’s appointment correctly. If people have a reminder system, it will be a great help in such a hectic and timeless life. Appointment reminders are a type of system used by a physician’s office for reminding the patient about the upcoming dates. It is like a reminder note that you can keep in a book or phone.

You can choose a good appointment reminder system according to your usage;i.e., whether it is for our need or for other. There are some things to be considered while choosing appointment reminders. There are different types according to the method of reminding such as sending SMS, automated calls or via emails. If the purpose is simple, select the type which sends a simple calendar that indicates the upcoming consultation date. However, for commercial need one should choose the system that has multiple features like emails, SMS and calling facilities. Some reminders are particular for personal purpose which will aid to remind important dates including birthdays.

There are types of reminder systems which can do saving of important documents also. In above mentioned commercial type, one can add the list of new and existing patients and their details. Thus it will automatically send the message to all before the respective date. For getting the reminder system software, there are many services. Adtelusaprovides an online service which helps in the enhancing your business by providing their powerful two-way appointment reminder known as DoctorConnect. With its paramount features like auto after care surveys, interactive texts and email facility, a doctor’s office can save more time and as a result more satisfied patients.

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The quality of Used Ophthalmic Equipment provided by Global DSR Company

In olden days, the treatment of patients was very hard as there were less number of equipments available in recognizing the issue that the patient has. As the time went by, so many advanced technologies have been introduced in the medical field and it has helped the doctors to find the issues inside the human body pretty easily. There are hundreds of equipments available in the medical field which is used to scan different parts of the human body.

The medical equipmentmay be very costly and the hospitals have to bear that amount to buy them. Therefore, it should be made sure that the equipments bought are really top quality ones. There are so many hospitals available around us that cannot afford the new medical equipments as they may not have that much money with them. These hospitals can buy the used medical equipments as there are several agencies established in the field of collecting the used equipments from various medical centers and providing them to needy customers.

The Global DSR Company is one of the famous agencies and their main product is the Used Ophthalmic Equipment. The hospitals that want to buy the Used Ophthalmic Equipment can visit the globaldsr website to order them online.

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